Play 15


Scene: On the beach, a severely damaged sailboat has crash landed. C, D approach quickly.
D: Over here! This must be it. Our child must have been here. This is the very same boat that we saw after the abduction.
C: It is the same class, but it is badly damaged. I cannot be sure that it is the same craft. Let us see who is alive.
After carefully checking every cranny joylessly, the exit the wreck.
D: Nothing! We will never find our firstborn.
C: Patience, there may still be hope. Those that robbed us may be monsters but they should still be reasoned with. Our child may still be alive. We have wealth they may be interested in.
D: Impossible! They knew nothing of us. We were selected at random because of who we are. I would be surprised if they did not spill our blood within minutes of the attack. These monsters may have some semblance of intelligence, but they are still monsters and we mustn’t forget this.
C: Please, there has been enough bloodshed between our races. We cannot allow one incident of capitalistic fiends to pull our entire race into another drawn out war. We are still recovering from our last war with those humans.
They continue meandering about the wreck keeping an eye out for any clues, but their hope is waning.
D: I disagree, we must band together and show these monsters and everyone else that we will not stand for this. We will not sit idly by and let our children be snatched and likely slaughtered without establishing that this will not be tolerated.
C: Perhaps, but we must tread carefully, we should not present the case without firm proof that this is who we think it is. Without evidence it may be better to keep this whole incident to ourselves and not present it to our leaders.
D: Then what shall we tell them when they ask? Surely a missing child will be noticed.
C: An accident, we say it is in accident. In the meantime, we continue collecting evidence.
They continue walking around the wreck from one side of the water to the other. The tide is starting to come in. They approach the water on the other side of the wreck.
D: Look! Footprints! Tiny footprints! They are being led away along the beach! Ahh, the tide is coming in, we’re losing it. You may have been correct preaching patience, we may not need to urge our fellow orcs into battle with the dwarfs.
C: No, wait, they’ve tricked us. Look, there is no way these footprints were made by one small orc, it was several dwarfs walking in a row.


Composed June 24, 2014.
Inspiration: Dwarfs walking in a row


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