Play 14


D: You know what this world needs more of?
C: Not looking up from the newspaper More coffee? Less war,… more peace? More money? Wait, never mind.
D: More DJs!
C: That was next on my list.
D: Leans in to emphasize point We’re both always complaining about how crappy the DJs are in this town.
C: And what of it? You’re going to drop out of school in, uh…
D: Sociology. Starting to get discouraged by C‘s lack of excitement. Redoubles efforts. Come on! I’ve DJ’d house parties dozen of times, and I did the school dance the last two years.
C: Right. Because grad school parties are the same thing as a club.
D: Well, this thing problem isn’t going to solve itself, what do you think?
C: Sure, you could give it a try. What would you call yourself?
D: Oh! I don’t know, I hadn’t thought about it. What about Shake ’em bake ’em?
C: Uh no. Sounds like a fifty year old mother. What about Clickity clack?
D: But then I would have to sound like that…
C: …My point…
D: …Maybe slide killers? You know how I feel about the electric slide.
C: Seems a bit on the nose, and one hit wonder-ish. Try on,… wait, you could do something Star Wars related. And I’ve got the perfect one.
D: Hesitantly Yeah?
C: Loud whisper Darth Fader.


Composed March 12, 2014.
Inspiration: Darth Fader: Using wavelets to obtain accurate redshifts of spectra at very low signal-to-noise


Physics, beer, or dart related thoughts?

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