Play 8


D: Out! Out! Go play! Mommy needs some quiet time! Go!
C, E go outside. D exits.
E: Let’s play cowboys and Indians!
C: Um, my mom says that’s racist. So I won’t play.
E: I bet you don’t even know what racist is!
C: Do too!
E: Well, anyways, cowboys and Indians doesn’t really work with two people. Hmmm, how about cops and robbers.
C: Really? And I assume that we’ll rotate and you’ll be the robber.
E: So? I don’t mind at all. Robber’s fun!
C: Of course you think he is. You’re just feeding into the stereotype because you’re black. Then I’LL look real bad when I catch you.
E: Only if you DO catch me.
C: Ha!
E: Whatever. Oooh! I’ve got a magnifying glass! Let’s fry some bugs!
C: Setting insects on fire?! Mom says that’s so cruel to animals. I won’t play any of your dumb games. They’re all mean!
E: Look! There’s a mosquito on your arm! Get it!
C: Slaps his arm. Got it… wait, there’s no mosquito! You liar!
They briefly tussle.
C: Argh! You made me hit myself! I hate you!
E: Yaa! You don’t care about killing animals! I’m gonna go fry so bugs without you. Starts to stomp off.
C: He-ey. Hey! Wait. Wait! I guess I’ll watch or something.
E: Yeah whatever, help me find some bugs.
They start searching the ground.
E: I can’t find any. Why no bugs `round here?
C: I dunno, but my dad definitely spends a bunch of time in the lawn cuttin’ it, sprayin’ it with all kinds of stuff. Probably killed all the bugs. Probably killed `em humanely.
E: Ugh. Then what can we fry? Let’s head over to the ravine. There’s got to be stuff there.
C: Nuh uh. Nope. Puts his foot down both ways. Mom says I’m definitely not allowed to go down there with her with me.
E: With her? Or without her? What?
C: Without her! That’s what I said!
E: Whatever, she’s inside having “quiet time”. She’ll never know. Come on, we’ll start by checking at the edge. There’s some branches laying around. There’s got to be some stuff in there.
C: Well, okay, just so long as my mom never finds out.
E: Here! Here’s some under this branch! Come on!
C: From a slight distance with feet firmly planted. Technically you’re in the ravine!
E: Well, I’m gonna fry the first one. You can have the next if you want.
C: Well, I guess if we’re real quick it’ll be okay. Joins E.
E fries a bug.
C: Ha! Die sucker!
E: Um, okay, your turn.
C: Gimme that! Grabs the magnifying glass.
E: Here’s another one right here.
C: The blood lust grows in his eyes. Burn. Burn! BURN! Quick! Help me find another one! This is great.
E: Starting to look worried. Um, I’ll look over here you look over there.
C: Yeah! Yeah. Good. Let’s go hunting for bugs to toast up!
They look for awhile, find nothing.
C: Have you got any bugs yet?! My dad musta killed all the ones over here already. Come on! How about over there?!
E: Uh nothing. Really, there aren’t any over here.
C: Yeah right, you’re not even doing it right. You gotta be on the hunt. Lookin’ everywhere. We can’t let any get through.
E: Starting to get exasperated. Look! Okay? I’m leaving no stone unturned in the hunt.


Composed July 20, 2013.
Inspiration: Leaving no stone unturned in the hunt for SUSY naturalness: A Snowmass whitepaper



    • physguy272

      Snowmass is the name given to a series of conferences on next generation theoretical physics. I was hoping that it would mean that they would all be at ski resorts. No such luck.

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