Play 6


D: Well, I guess that’s that.
C: Thank you! Exasperated.
D: This is… this sure is going to be different. I really wasn’t expecting this at all.
C: Well, I know, I mean, obviously. Otherwise we wouldn’t have, well you know.
D: They’re not going to take it well. Signaling towards the picture.
C: Cheer up, we’ll figure something out. They’ll be fine so long as we’re amicable.
D: No they won’t be. They say this sort of thing hits kids hard – harder than we ever realize.
C: Mutters to self: Man, this was going so well…
D: So well?! What part of any of this was going well?!
C: I didn’t mean `well’ like that — just that it was going as well as could be expected, that’s all.
D: Well…
C: Plus kids are simple, especially the one on the left. Points to picture.
D: Signals reluctant agreement. A beat. No, not about this, we have to put up a strong front.
C: Act like this didn’t happen, that this isn’t how things are now? Like that would fly. Ha!
D: This isn’t a simple thing! It’s not… child’s play.
C: Come on, we’ve sorted out the regular stuff, we’ve even agreed on a schedule for them. They’ll be fine trust me.
D: Maybe, I don’t know. I… I can’t tell them. The look in their eyes. All that. You do it. I’ll talk to them tomorrow, just…
C: Okay okay I got it. No problem. Look I’ll get them an ice cream cone before I tell them. I know, I know, it’s bad for them, but just this once it’ll help.
D: Ice cream? You’re going to try to placate them with lactose and sugar?
C: And the cone, don’t forget the cone. Kids like cones!


Composed June 16, 2013.
Inspiration: KIDs like cones


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