Play 4


Scene: Two eleven year old boys next to a wrought iron fence.
C: You go first.
D: No way, you!
C: I’m older so you have to do what I say.
D: By four months!
C: So go on then!
D: You brought me here, I don’t even know where I’m going!
C: Over the fence easy-peasy.
D: You’re taller so it’ll be easier for you. Or are you scared now?
C: Am not, it’s clear that you are!
D: Nuh uh. Wimp!
C: Wimpiest!
D: Wimpier!
C: Wimpzilla!


Composed May 27, 2013.
Inspiration: A testable scenario of WIMPZILLA with Dark Radiation


Physics, beer, or dart related thoughts?

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