Play 3


Scene begins with a dark stage followed by a flash of light, and then the light slowly comes up.
D: Blergh!
C: This had better be it, I don’t know how many more of these we can take.
D: Coughs up blood.
E: Right, everyone to their jobs.
D: Uh, looks like we suffered heavy losses again, I’ll get you a better count in a second.
C: Hey… hey! We need medical attention over here!
E: Right, look to it!
A general feeling of sickness and exhaustion everywhere. Some try to help. E is surveying the damage.
E: Come on I need my reports! Where are we?! And what’s our damn count?
F: Working on that good sir, my equipment was damaged by the flight, give me one quick minute.
D: Shouting as he continues to survey the situation. Four dead made it with us! At least seven more maimed, too soon to tell their prognosis! But I think we’re missing one!
E: Think!? You need to be damn sure! There’s no room for error here.
D: I’ve counted twenty-two times, but I’ll give it another shot.
C: Yep, I got forty-eight as well. We lost somebody. Not sure whom yet.
E: Never mind that, where the hell are we? And what’s our time frame?!
F: Alright, I’m up and running. A preliminary report suggests… As soon as F started talking everyone holds their breaths to hear. …that this one is consistent with a rainbow!
Excitement swiftly moves through the crowd in the form of sighs of relief.
C: Whoa! We’ve got a missing horn over here, what should we do?
E comes over and surveys the hornless corpse.
E: It’s not missing. Just as limbs can become rearranged, so can horns. We’re already down one, we’ll have to cut him open. The horsescum will be doing the same in…
F: Twenty minutes.
E: …in twenty minutes if we don’t. Hurry hurry. To F Is identification complete? Can we set up a shield here?
F‘s equipment beeps.
F: Just done and the conclusive answer is… no. A false positive.
C: Wait a second. This means they can find us right away then! And with the horn we lost, they’ll be here in no time. We have to move back into formation and fly into another one now! This isn’t the free rainbow universe!


Composed May 20, 2013.
Inspiration: Singularity Free Rainbow Universe


Physics, beer, or dart related thoughts?

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