How to read this blog:

1. Start here, at this nifty about page. Check.

2. Since inspiration comes in part from a famous physics legend about the naming of penguin diagrams you should read that.

3. Doing good so far. The next step is to read Play 1 which may remind you a bit of #2 above. No problem, don’t worry. This isn’t going to be me heavily borrowing from other stories or anything I promise.

4. After the purposely inauspicious start that is Play 1, move on to the rest! The scenario for those is roughly that both are happening at the same time and the character C in Play 1 is the same in each play.

I am always looking for new suggestions of titles, so if you come across any that I might have missed I encourage you to post them in the comments below.


Physics, beer, or dart related thoughts?

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